Kim Said

Updated: Jan 13

"He or she who provides for this life, but takes no thought for eternity,

is wise for a moment, but a fool forever."

-John Tillotson

A Mr. Powell wrote this letter to Alonzo and Margaret Drake, two of my Pastor friends from Michigan, “Dear Reverend, … I need your help. A couple of months ago a girl from your church was visiting here in Ohio ... maybe you can get her a message. Her name is Kim ... and she works for an insurance company. Kim ... saw me trying to get my wife into the house. Mother had a stroke and was in a wheelchair. She was very kind and helped us so we asked her in. We talked awhile and I told her how sick my Lois was. I told her how I couldn’t stand to think about losing my dear wife. Kim began to talk about her God and living forever in heaven. I never worried about God. He left me alone and I left Him alone.”

“Mother suddenly began to choke,” Mr. Powell continues, “and when Kim tried to help, she spit up all over her. Kim ... got a wet cloth ... cleaned Ma ... took some rouge out of her purse and fixed Ma’s face.

No young girl ever showed such love to Ma, not even the helpers we pay. She talked some more about God, this time I had to listen more because I had to believe only God could make someone love so much. She talked about asking God in my heart. But I’m a stubborn man and I told her I’d think about it. She left me a paper about God. It had the name of your church and address on it.”

“After she left,” he continues, “I read her paper and asked God in my heart. Can you believe this 84 year old man knowing God. I was telling Mother about what I did and asked her if she wanted God. She nodded yes, so I prayed for her and she nodded again and smiled. She couldn’t do that, she couldn’t smile since having the stroke. Reverend, Mother died 2 days later. It still hurts but Kim said we’ll live forever and I’m going to see my sweetheart someday. I believe it. I keep hoping Kim will come back but I’m going to live with my son in Cleveland so I won’t see her. If you know Kim, tell her thanks for loving an old man and his wife.”

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