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Ski Dees

People receive healing by doing something they believe in and something that gives them hope. (Dr. Bernie Siegel)

World-class water ski champion, Frankie Dees, lived the American dream and did what he loved to do most—water ski.He held the Mens-4 National Jumping Record, competed in every Water Ski National Championship for 39 years, won over one hundred titles in his career and was showing no signs of slowing down until two events caused his life to unravel at the seams.

The first occurred when Frankie’s sister was diagnosed with hepatitis. After battling the disease, undergoing two liver transplants, Charlene died on December 18, 1992—Frankie’s birthday. Then, in June of 1999 Frankie decided to purchase some additional life insurance, which required that he take some routine blood tests. The results revealed that he had hepatitis. Not only did he have hepatitis but his liver, according to all the information gathered, was in the third stage of trauma—one step away from death. He frantically began to search for hope and found himself on the Internet, reading one sad story after another. He became depressed and cried often over the eminent fate awaiting him. There was only one dim ray of hope the doctors offered the champion. He was a candidate for a new treatment, but at best he was given only a fifteen percent chance of survival.

One day during this time an unexpected glimmer of light shined in Frankie’s life. He, on occasion, had visited a church in town and was acquainted with the Pastor. It just so happened that one afternoon Pastor Dan was out visiting people and stopped by his house. He had no idea about what was going on in Frankie’s life. During their conversation that day, Frankie opened up and talked about his dreadful dilemma. Pastor shared some Scriptures about healing prayed, “Lord, may the anointing of the Holy Spirit come upon this man’s life and may this disease come under the influence of your power.”

After three months of prayer and treatment Frankie’s liver functions and enzymes were normal. The doctor was amazed that the virus count was undetectable, “Someone made a mistake; we’ll look at it again in a month.” Frankie said, “I don’t think so Doc, the Healer has taken care of me.” Doc was skeptical. After four months the virus was undetectable. Frankie and his wife Caroline, prayed and committed their lives to the Lord without reserve. During the treatment he did not experience any of the awful side effects associated with the powerful medications he was taking. He worked out, skied and even managed to break his own world record in the distance jump by ten feet—an impossibility considering all he was going through. Frankie’s doctor called the healing a miracle. Frankie gives the glory to God, “I’m glad to be alive and am thankful to Jesus for allowing me to live and tell my story.”

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