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The Bridge Is Out

"One of the ironies of the human being is that when he has lost his way, he travels twice as fast." (Rollo May)

A local priest and a pastor traveled together down a winding country road to their favorite fishing spot. They had spent many hours there, reeling in the big ones and talking about the things they shared in common as ministers. After unpacking their gear from the car they noticed that something was different—there was an impending danger ahead that others needed to know about. They thoughtfully made a sign saying, “The End Is Near! Turn Yourself Around Now Before It Is Too Late!” One individual passing through the area didn’t appreciate the sign and found their message insulting. He stopped his car and shouted, “Why don’t you nuts keep your fanatical opinions to yourselves and leave people alone.” The priest started to say something, but the irate man in the car began shouting obscenities at them, flicked them the finger and sped off down the road cussing. A few seconds later the ministers heard the sound of screeching tires, busting glass, a loud yell and then a big splash. The pastor looked at the priest and said, “You think maybe we should have just said, ‘Bridge Out’ instead?”

It is the duty of everyone who loves life to listen to what is being said even if it has a way of rubbing us the wrong way. Have you ever crashed because you did not listen to or observe a warning sign? Later you found yourself saying, “I knew that something about this deal wasn’t right and against my better judgment; I did it anyway.” Alarms go off and danger signs are posted along the highway of life, but we are traveling so fast and become so absorbed with our own self interests; we miss the message—the bridge is out … the bridge is out! The first duty of love is to listen (Paul Tillich).

Listen to what is going on inside of you—notice what is going on around you. Stop holding on to things that keep you from giving God His proper place in your life. “Don’t take everything that comes along … save yourself for the best … get guidance from the Lord, listen to Him, know your call and then stick with it” (Stanley Jones). None are so deaf as those who won’t hear.

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