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Towed By An Angel

We are like children, who stand in need of masters to enlighten us and direct us; God has provided for this, by appointing his angels to be our teachers and guides. (Thomas Aquinas)

Dressed in a tuxedo I was hurrying down Interstate Four on my way home. For several months I had been working in a gourmet restaurant in Orlando; hoping to move my family there soon. It was after midnight when I passed the Magic Kingdom exit and a saw car parked on the edge of the roadway. A lady was waving a white handkerchief out of the window. Without a moments hesitation I sped past that handkerchief but couldn’t bring myself to continue without taking a closer look. So I made a U turn and went back. Being cautious I rolled down my passenger window and pulled up beside the driver’s door. The person waving the handkerchief was a little lady that could barely see over the steering wheel; she was accompanied by another little lady. The driver who must have been close to eighty said, “Son, can you help us get our car started; it began making all kinds of noise and stalled. We left Disney hours ago and have been sitting here waiting for help to come.” “Let me take a look,” I said as I raised the hood, “Try to start the car.” The engine fired right up and then suddenly began to make this horrendous squealing screeching sound. Her water pump had frozen up and was not turning. I explained the problem and told her that she couldn’t drive it. “Can you take me home and I’ll get my son to come for the car tomorrow?” she asked. She lived two hours away and I would be up all night if I took her home; there’s was no way I could do that.

Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea; I would toll her to the Lakeland Truck Stop with the chain I had in my trunk. It stayed open all night, someone there could repair her car and I would be home within an hour. After connecting the cars I gave her some very specific and important instructions. The brave little lady did exactly what I told her to do; we crept along at first but she did so well that I increased our speed to 60 MPH. We made it to Lakeland quickly and turned onto Highway 98 without mishap. Everything was fine until we arrived at the truck stop; I went left and she went straight. Suddenly, I heard a big bang and thought that her car had struck mine. We both slammed on brakes and came to a stop.

Neither car was damaged so I unhooked the chain and drove her squealing squaking car to the garage. We called little granny’s son for help and I told them to wait in the restaurant until her ride arrived. “Son,” the little lady said to me, “when we were stranded back there, Mildred and I prayed that the Lord would send us an angel and He sent you. You’re our angel.” “I think maybe I’m the opposite of an angel but I’m glad to have been able to help you.” They both gave me a hug and stood there watching as I pulled away from the truck stop. Emerson said, “Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God.” Those ladies believed that it wasn’t by chance that I came to their rescue, and it wasn’t. Something inside would not let me pass them by. It’s important that we listen to what is going on inside our hearts—you may be someone’s miracle; someone’s answer to prayer today.

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