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You've Got To Be Kidding!

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. (Dale Carnegie)

Two Surgeons entered the room; Viera knew from the dour look on their faces that the report was grim. But she was not prepared to receive anything other than a message of hope. This Ukrainian lady whose family had fled her country and settled in Argentina during WWII had come too far to give up in the face of this calamity.

After a brief introduction they said, “Mrs. Young, we’re sorry to give you bad news but your husband’s condition is very critical; he’s experienced a severe aortic dissection …. We’re sorry but we cannot help your husband and our guess is that he has about three hours to live.” “You’ve got to be kidding,” she exclaimed in broken English, “you are doctors and can do something!” “Mrs. Young,” they explained, “you don’t understand the enormity of what has happened.” They tried to explain but she refused to listen. “Why are you standing here telling me all this,” she declared emphatically. “You go and do what you have to do! The angels are going to guide your hands, Jesus will be there, God will be there and I’ll be praying for you!” She grabbed their hands and prayed, “Dear God, help these men to do the very best they can do; the rest Oh Lord, we leave in your hands!” After praying Viera said, “You have three hours; go to work—God will take care of everything else.”

They worked on Mr. Young’s heart for seven hours, performing a complete aortic root repair. For two weeks Ron was in a coma and Viera prayed. Then one night something happened; the Lord appeared to Viera in a vision. There in her room she saw a form dressed in a glowing brilliant white robe. She saw the glory of God and was so overcome by His presence that all she could do was say, “God, I know you are here. Even if I die I need to talk to you!” And that was it; she came back to her senses. She knew something had happened and she feared the worse. The nurses would not let her visit Ron. They said to her, “You need to wait for the doctor.” One of the specialists who performed surgery on Ron came and asked her to go with him. Horrible thoughts went through her mind; her husband was dead and they were going to the morgue. She held on the doctor and as they passed Ron’s room; he was not there. They continued down the hallway and then the surgeon stopped. Viera looked into the door of a room and there sitting in a chair was her husband. He woke up from the coma early that morning and began unhooking himself from the life support machines. God heard her prayers. She refused to be denied and her tenacity saved Ron’s life. No matter what you are going through; don’t ever give up—do all you can and let God do the rest.

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