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Principles of Prayer

Principles of Prayer


The focus and central theme of Principles of Prayer is the greatest priority of life—your relationship with God. This book will challenge you to seek the “presence” of God—not just the “presents” of God. It will motivate you to pray in faith to the One whose power is greater than any need you will ever encounter. Rees Howells a great man of faith, believed there was only one reason to petition the Lord. He said, “The only purpose of prayer—answer.”

Jesus taught His disciples how to pray, giving them the essential principles of faith in an outline which is referred to as The Lord’s Prayer. Christ used less than 400 words to reveal the basic precepts that governed His spiritual life. The Lord's Prayer is an instructional masterpiece that will challenge you to set time aside in your life to pour your heart out to God and wait in His presence until He pours His heart out to you. “Prayer is a life; it is not a luxury”, E. Stanley Jones.

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